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Dear all,
This site was created a VERY short time ago, so is mostly a blank shell. I intend to fill it with information as soon as possible. It could take years. With your help, it may not take as long. I will be working at this every spare minute I have, using every search engine, every website available, comparing multiple values from multiple sites, but it will take me far too long to do this with full time work and other commitments.

Therefore, I am asking you for help. Even just information on a single product that I could add is beneficial. It is one less product I have to look for. With your help, this database could contain every single product possible, both branded and generic, from all countries and states.
Food is my passion. And I wish to help people by reducing any anxieties caused by food.

My name is Skyler. I have an Eating Disorder. And I want to help everyone, ED-sufferers and healthy dieters alike, enjoy food more and feel safer and more able to eat things they enjoy.

Kind Regards
S. Uckton

How To Use The Site

Finding Foods

Each main page will be of a certain food group (i.e. Dairy). Once you click on this page, you will find links to sub pages of that category (i.e. Milk)

The page will then be split into sections, and will have links at the top to quickly jump to a specific section (i.e. Semi-Skimmed)

This may seem annoying at first, lots of clicking, but we do this in order to make sure everything is easy to find, and is organised appropriately. We will also have a page which will be a list of all products (i.e. All Milk) in case you simply want to compare and contrast, or make a note of all of them.


If there are specific brands (i.e. Warburtons Sliced Bread), we will make a page dedicated to that brand, to help you find your product information that much quicker


The Arty-cles section is a place especially for people like you to submit informative content in any way you like. This can be in the form of a drawing, painting, article, video, animation..... Anything. We have titled the team "Arty-cles" because we want to make it clear that you don't have to sit and churn out a perfect news article for us.

All Arty-cles must include any sources of information (links), credit where credit is due, and must be informative and relevant.

To submit an Arty-cle, please email with the subject as "Arty-cle Submission" and we will review your submission as soon as possible.

The Arty-cle Team

The Arty-cle Team is a group made up of people who will regularly contribute to the Arty-cle section. They may choose to write daily, weekly or monthly articles, or draw daily, weekly or monthly cartoons. Any form of Arty-cle is permitted, but it must be regular.

If you wish to become an Arty-cle Team Member, please email with the subject as "Arty-cle Team Application" and include the following information:
  • The name you wish your work to be known by (your pseudonym)
  • Your age
  • How often you plan to submit work (daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly) - Large works, such as novels, long poems, in depth Arty-cles and other such projects can be submitted quarterly every 3 months, or every half year/6 months
  • What type of Arty-cle(s) you wish to submit
  • What information/topic you wish to focus on (this will prevent doubles of the same Arty-cle and prevent accusations of plagiarism on this site
  • A picture to represent you
  • Where you are from
  • Why you feel you would be a good member of the team and/or why you decided to sign up
  • Your first submission to the site (so we can see your style and how appropriate it is)
  • (optional) A link to an online profile for your work (DeviantArt, Blogger, Google+, Youtube, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, etc)
Please ensure you include all of the above in your application, and we will review it as soon as possible.


Have an interest in food and nutritional data? Like cooking and experimenting? Submit your recipes and experiments, along with calorie content, to and we will include it in our Home Recipes page!

Please make sure you include a name, photo and/or profile which we can place with the entry in order to give you the credit you deserve.

Professional Counsellor/Doctor/Nurse/Fitness Mentor etc

If you, or someone you know, is a professional in a form of health care, we would love to be able to pass your details on to any users who may feel troubled about topics related to food, calories, nutrition and any other related subjects, and who wish to speak to a professional. We already include the most well-known areas of help, such as Childline, however if we are missing any, or you wish to volunteer your services, please email us at

If applying to be a professional helper on our site, we require your full name, 2 referees whom we can contact who have known you for at least two years, a copy of your CV, and any proof of qualifications. If you do not have proof of qualifications or other experience in the field you are applying for, we will not be able to accept your application, as the safety of our users and the quality of our service is of utmost importance.


Theft - If someone has stolen your work, please email the original link to the work to us at, with the subject as "Theft" and we will look into it straight away.

Parental Worries - We understand that Eating Disorders exist, and we understand that some people may be against this site providing the information that we do. We would like to assure you that, even if this site did not exist, the internet is a diverse place. We only wish to create a safe, secure and welcoming community that provides correct information to all people alike. If you have any genuine concerns please do not hesitate to email us at and we will do our best to reduce any anxieties you may have.

User Worries - If you have concerns about a particular user, or about yourself, please email us at and we will be happy to help.

Talk To The Prof. - We have included this page as a place to find contact details for organisations and people who are professionals in a wide variety of health-related topics. The reason we include this is to ensure that, if you are at all concerned about anything, you have someone to contact. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL DETAILS TO ANYONE ONLINE! Always use your chosen name, NOT your real one. Although we do our best to ensure your safety, we cannot always meet the professionals in person, and so cannot vouch for their professionalism 100%. WE DO OUR BEST.

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